10 Clever T-Shirt Promotion Ideas to Try This Year

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Moving on. You don’t need to hold back until you print your designs on t-shirts to begin marketing them. What savvy t-shirtpreneurs do is because they create t-shirt mockups, measure their audience’s response, and validate their new t-shirt design ideas. This way, if there’s a positive response just continue and go print your custom t shirts. Otherwise, it might be a much better idea to return to the studio and optimize your t-shirt designs which has a tool this way t-shirt design maker as an illustration.

These limitations may be overcome with all the proper amount of awareness, and reasonable expectations for which is achievable. Using t-shirt fabric being a design medium has an inherent set of constraints due to print process, porousness from the surface, inks used, and its elasticity. Knowing these constraints is just half the battle, but we’ll teach you the resolution overcome the obstacles of coping with fabric as being a design medium.

This T-shirt renaissance would’ve sounded insane a number of decades ago. Stand-alone tees had been a pillar of counterculture fashion, stylishly protesting the collard shirt corporate world. But once Brando and Dean donned their white tees in A Streetcar Named Desire and Rebel Without a Cause, respectively, the T-shirt was changed once and for all.


To have an web shop, you need to first choose an e-commerce platform. You can either choose to have a very self-hosted platform or perhaps a hosted platform. The advantage of developing a self-hosted platform is that it makes it possible to in creating e-commerce solutions yourself. Consider by using a photo in your design. Use your own photo. You may use a picture manufactured by someone else, but only when you have acquired the protection under the law to utilize that image. You can also buy a stock image.